Emma Amelia

Little Rock, AR

Maine coon cats for sale
-Our experience with Lovely Kitten has been wonderful! Our little Huck has been a healthy happy little guy from the get go! Lovely Kitten made sure that we had all the information we needed to welcome our sweet Cat into our home and to keep him healthy and happy. Highly recommended!
Shannon Bashor

Plattsburgh, NY

Ragdoll kittens for saleRagdoll kittens

-I have had my sisters for over 3 years ago and they are the best things to happen in my life. Lovely Kittens for Sale know exactly what characteristics, demeanor and which fur babies to bring together that will be safe and healthy for the kittens and their parents and also produce the smartest, most lovable, affectionate, kind & mild mannered beautiful addition to your family. That’s what they are. They are family. I love them for giving me the best things in my life.

Anthony Gerasimowicz

Colorado Springs, CO

Maine coon cats for sale
-We purchased our Maine Coon from Lovely Kitten in September of 2020. We picked him up October 2020. He was then trained as my son's epilepsy alert service. He has been absolutely wonderful. We are about to begin the process of weaning my son off of his medications. He has also served as a great family Cat for our entire family. He has grown with my daughter who is only a month older than our kitten.
Tiffany LaVigne

Palm Desert, CA

-I had a good experience with Lovely Kitten, I was pleased to get my Maine Coon Kitten and see that he was well taken care of by the cattery as promised. I recommend them to anyone…
Tiffany Groome

Odessa, TX

-My grandma and grandpa bought their little Maine Coon Kitten from Lovely Kitten past January. I can tell you that this experience was the best thing we could have asked for. they are the best people and the best breeders. The house is very clean and their kittens are all healthy and happy.
Christie Bankston

Midland, TX

Ragdoll kittens
-We picked up our Ragdoll FLORIE in July it took us Four hours to get to Lovely Kitten and took us six hours to get home , she was an angel on her long journey home and is a joy ,her sister Bella loves her they sleep eat play together it’s just wonderful, Excellent cattery .
Triniti Camille

Newton, NJ

-We brought our baby boy home yesterday. So happy with him. Kenny has settled so well and has taken well to his toilet training. I know you wanted to keep him. We promise you he is well loved and spoiled already. Thank you for all your help. Lovely Kitten.
Anthony Tackett

Jackson, MI

-I searched for months for the right breeder for our perfect Maine Coon. After hearing about Lovely Kitten via Facebook I made contact & reserved our boy Kasper. All the way through the process I was kept updated & all concerns I had were answered straight away. Kasper is the most amazing boy, not phased by any household noises & very clever - thank you Lovely Kitten for our perfect pooch.
Barbara Graham

Rock Island, IL

-Just a magical place to get a 5 star Cats, nothing is too much trouble. Best kitten we have ever had, she is just a gorgeous bundle of love, thank you.
Nicki Dehlinger

Cadiz, KY

-Bought a Maine Coon kitten from Lovely Kitten 2 yrs ago he has turned out a wonderful Cat loving and loves cuddles, would definitely buy another one from them.
Lilli Tillman

Fayetteville, NC

-We are so pleased with our Maine Coon. Lovely Kittens for Sale are brilliant breeders. Our kitten is a happy, healthy and very confident kitten and is settling in so well. She is not bothered about any noises, like vacuum cleaners and hairdryers, which is all down to how Lovely Kitten raises their lovely kitten. They provide excellent support too and have been so helpful with all the questions and advice we've asked for. First class breeders.
Edna Hancock

Spring Creek, NV

-Always choose a Lovely Kitten! Their love, commitment & care shows in how well they breed their cats. Their knowledge & help before, during & after is second to none. Healthy Happy Parents make Healthy Happy kittens. Choose Lovely Kitten....We did and itХs the best decision ever made. Thankyou for our gorgeous boy.
Sean Murray

Tallahassee, FL

-In a word 'Excellent'.From my initial search for a kitten to stumbling across Lovely Kitten. I was blown away. by their dedication and responsibilities as a breeder. It's been 9 months since picking up our kitten and we are over the moon. Beautiful in looks and nature! A huge thank you for taking out the worry and stress of choosing the right breed and the right kitten.
Ellie Stevens

Belington, WV

-Absolutely fantastic Cattery. Our kitten is 12 weeks old now and is amazing. So intelligent, quick learner and so affectionate. He is amazing with our young kids too. Would highly recommend it to anyone.