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Persian kittens for sale\Persian kittens for sale near me\Persian kittens. Persian cats are medium-sized, usually weigh between seven and 12 pounds, and measure from 10-15 inches tall. They have a rounded head, small, rounded ears, and big eyes. They also typically have a flat and pushed-in looking face with chubby cheeks. However, “traditional” or “doll-face” Persian cats have pointier features like their ancestors.

These cats have a sturdy body and thick, solid legs, which partly accounts for the fact that they are not known to be jumpers. They much prefer keeping all four paws planted firmly on the ground or hanging over the side of the couch while they relax.

One of their most distinguishing characteristics is their long, silky coat. They have an undercoat and a topcoat, which feels luxurious to the touch, but also tends to shed quite a bit. These long-haired cats can come in a multitude of patterns and colors, including white, black, blue, cream, chocolate, and red. These cats can additionally have a variety in their eye color, including multiple shades of blue, green, or copper eyes.

A cat’s personality is based largely on where and how they’re raised, but the Persian cat personality is known for certain characteristics. For instance, they are said to be relatively quiet and sweet cats who love to lounge around. While they are affectionate and enjoy attention, they’re not usually the type to demand constant attention. In fact, they can be standoffish and reserved around new people until they get to know them.