*Pick up at breeder’s airport
Meet the breeder at El Paso International Airport*Pet safe air cargo
Have your Kitten flown to your nearest airport in pet safe air cargo.

*Ground transportation
Have your Kitten transported to you via car or van.

*Flight Nanny
Have your Kitten flown to your nearest airport in the cabin with a chaperone.

What are the available Delivery Options

Option 1; Air Delivery to most Major airport choices.

Option 2; Ground Delivery

Option 3; Delivery to El Paso

Option 4; drive in and see us!

Can we Drive in and pick up in person?

You are more than welcome to drive in to pick up your new baby.

What is ground Delivery?

We have Trusted ground delivery companies that will transport to most areas for an extra $350-$400.00. Depending on your location.

We have been flying our kittens for many years and it has always been a good experience. They will travel in climate and pressurized comfort. The flight is heat and/or air-conditioned during the journey. Shipping is $350 (standard flight) and we will take care of all the arrangements for the flight. Directions on where to go to pick your kitten up are provided as well as flight details. All you have to do is be there with arms open wide when your baby arrives! It’s that easy!
Shipping Includes:-Airfare In the United States
-Health Certificate and Health Record
-Food Sample

Note: Should you decide to adopt two fur kittens at the same time there is no additional cost for the second kitten to fly.

If you prefer, we are happy to meet you at the El Paso International Airport (ELP) so that you (or your representative) can fly your little one home with you.